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Adding a Picture to a Player's Profile:

League rules require that every player has a thumbnail head shot on file for player verification purposes.  In order for your son to be able to play in the jamboree, you must upload a photo into the WYF website by doing the following:

  1. Go to Your Home Website
  2. Log onto your account Click on "My Account" which is a link towards the top right hand side of the homepage.
  3. Click on your son's name
  4. You will see a photo link.  Click on it and it will guide you to search for the head shot you would like to add from your computer.
  5.  It will look like nothing happens once you cllick on it, but go down to the bottom of the page and hit submit.  Once you do that, the picture shoudl be saved.

Possible Problems with adding Profile Pictures:

  1. Are your profiles duplicated? Once your player is in the system, you should UPDATE records and not create new ones. Be sure that you NEVER create new profiles for parents and/or players.
  2. Have you clicked on the refresh button (that little symbol on your address bar that looks like this:
  3. Is the photo not oriented properly? Generally, you will need to go back to the photo on your desktop and save the jpg in the correct orientation and then try to upload it again. Sometimes you can click on the photo in your profile to reorient, but since you can't see the photo until you click on "submit" and then "refresh", most people don't have the patience.
  4. Still no luck? Send the picture to Tony Palumbo Jr with the TOWN, team name (if known) and Player's full name to



Uploading Photo Files (Team Moms, Parents):

Click on “Admin

Put in your name (Two words--You must use your own name)

Password for adding pictures is: FCFLPics

Follow directions for posting pictures to the Association Page. Guidelines are below.

Do not include a player's full name in the photo caption, or post a photo where a nameplate is visible.

Use the Browse button to display a file dialog box that you can use to locate your picture file (.JPG files only) on your computer.  Once you locate the file and submit the form, the picture will be uploaded to the web site and added to the list along with your description.  

Pictures wider than 580 pixels will be resized to that width.  Pictures taller than 600 pixels will be reduced to that height.  If you can, try to crop out unnecessary parts of the picture.  Also, please use your best judgment when submitting material for display here.  We don't want to have to censor anyone.

Problems?  When first going to the Picture page, you might be prompted to install an Active X file. You’ll need to do this in order to upload pictures.

COPPA Compliance:

The Federal Trade Commission has implemented the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). The main goal of the COPPA and the rule is to protect the privacy of children using the Internet. Publication of the rule means that, as of April 21, 2000, certain commercial Web sites must obtain parental consent before collecting, using, or disclosing personal information from children under 13.

We recommend not posting identifiable photos of children on the web site, unless you have permission from the parent.  Do not include a player's full name in the photo caption, or post a photo where a nameplate is visible.

For Complete Information: