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How a coach can view and print the FCFL Game/Player Count Roster:

If you are using one of the AFFILIATE Websites, Game Day Play Count Roster for YOUR team is accessed on your home website, the roster for the opposing team is obtained by going to the FCFL Website and looking for the team roster under the TEAM tab.

Menu surf your way to the team’s Roster page…by clicking on the Team  tab and entering the team’s respective information in the boxes as shown in the sample below:

 Season:       League:       Team:   

and then clicking on the Roster tab in the left hand column. Don't be alarmed if the roster seems to have no players. The player list will not show on the FCFL website Roster page until you follow the next step:

Under the Team Name on the Roster Page (upper right of the screen), you will see an "Option" button with a link titled: FCFL Roster

when you select FCFL Roster, a play count game roster sorted by Jersey Number is displayed based on the players from the Roster Page. If your weights or jersey numbers are not correct, please correct them by selecting the option "Assign Jersey Numbers" from the Options button mentioned above. If you don't have admin access to this feature, send an email to to make corrections. (Be sure to state your team name including town and grade). You should not need to be logged into admin in order to print the game roster.

For those who still have trouble because they are skimming directions and missing important steps:

  • Navigate to the Team under the TEAM Tab on the FCFL website
  • once you find the team you are looking for Click on ROSTER
  • Use the drop down menu under OPTIONS (far right of page) and select "FCFL Roster"
  • Voila! You have a game roster.


Player Participation Sheet
 - The blank printable Player Participation Form is actually obsolete. It has been replaced with the FCFL Game Roster which has the counts for the minimum 12 play.  If you need a play count roster before all the team splits have been input (ie for the Jamboree), you will need to download this form and paste your player names into the form.

Instructions for automating this process so that you don't have to type in each name onto the Player Participation Form (a basic understanding of Word and Excel are necessary):

  1. Download the blank Player Participation Sheet which is in Microsoft Word
  2. On your Home Website, navigate to your team roster (not as an administrator)
  3. From your roster page, click the names and drag your mouse to select all your players
  4. copy and paste the list of players into excel (use "paste special" and "text")
  5. copy the list of players from excel and paste into the Player Participation Sheet (select the Player column before using "paste special" and "text"
  6. When you are satisfied that all your players are there, fill in the Team Names and Date either on the Word Document OR by hand after you print out your roster.