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How a Coach Reports an incident of unsportsmanlike conduct:

The FCFL instituted a new policy requirement in 2013 when reporting scores for the current season. Head coaches MUST record all personal fouls on game day on the FCFL Website. This includes all varieties of 15 yard penalties imposed during the game. Identify team, player number, and the foul(s) called. This policy was added for safety purposes and as a means to collect data that may identify trends and/or habitual offenders. Your cooperation is required and appreciated.

The "Penalty Reporting Form" for 2019 can be found under the left menu on the FCFL website under "Penalty Reporting"

To enter the foul, the form needs a password. The password was emailed at the beginning of the season to all Head Coaches. Send an email to to obtain the password.

It is the responsibility of both the Head Coaches to report Player Penalties by using the online form.