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Attention Coaches:
Before teams are formed, the most frequent question I get from coaches and admin personnel relates to providing a list of players who are currently registered in a specific grade or a specific program. While I will provide regular reports to admin personnel for your town’s programs, the reports are out of date as soon as I send them.

There are a couple of ways that you can get this information yourself directly from the website (and as often as you like) in Real Time. IF you are already “assigned” as a coach for 2014, you do not need any magic password to get into the system. Your personal password which was set up when setting up your profile will work.

Here are the instructions:
From the Home page of YOUR TOWN'S website,

  • Click on the LOG IN button in the top right corner of your screen. Two boxes will pop up. In the first box, type your name (two words) or if the system asks for your email address (new), type that in instead of your name. In the second box, type your password. Then click on LOG IN. You are now logged into the system. If you don’t remember your password (or if someone else set up your profile), the system will send it to you via email when you follow the onscreen prompts. NOTE: Make sure your spouse does not have the SAME email address as you.

From the Administrative Features page (click on “Administer” (upper right corner next to your name) if this page does not automatically appear)

  • Under “Members” click on “Lookup Members” (or “Email Members” if you want to send an email)

The screen that appears is “Find Members” and it has several options to choose from. CHOOSE THESE OPTIONS:

  • Report Type: either Directory Listing or Send Email
  • Member Type: Player
  • In Grade: Choose the grade(s) you are looking for
  • For School Year: (choose 2014-2015 for this Fall)
  • Registered in: Highlight the program you are looking for. There is also a way to see those players in the system from PAST years by choosing “Not Registered In” from the drop down box so that you can see eligible players who are not yet registered for 2014.

When you are done selecting all the options, click on the “Find Members” button at the bottom. The next screen will either be a directory listing of all players matching your search or an email composition page to all those players matching your search. If the list is not what you were expecting, go back to the “CHOOSE THESE OPTIONS” section and try again.

Navigate to your team page (Pre-Season or Regular Season team) (ON YOUR TOWN'S WEBSITE) by using the drop down boxes under the TEAM tab along the top of the website.
Once on your team’s home page, click on “Roster” from the left menu. You have several options from the roster page. If you are not logged into admin, you will see a list of players (names and jersey numbers only) and any coaches assigned to the team. If you ARE legged into admin, you will have other options: Print a complete roster, email your team, obtain a play count roster (important when regular season teams are set up as you will copies to every game for the play counters).
Items to remember as a coach logging into your team:

  • Remember to log into your TOWN web site and not the FCFL (Parent) website.
  • If your email address and your spouses email address are the same, you will have trouble logging in as a coach from time to time. Make sure your email address is not the same as another adult in the system.
  • Never re-create your profile. This duplicates it and you WILL have trouble logging into your team. Instead, make updates to the profile in the system or ask for help if you can no longer access your profile.
  • If you need help, you would send an email to and give your TOWN, your NAME, and your TEAM /GRADE. Then state your obstacle.