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Current Flyers for SONO (March, 2011):


We are pleased to offer several different programs at Sono field house this spring.  Our spring programming begins March 21 with the following clinics:

Wednesdays starting March 23rd & running for 7 weeks
1st-4th Flag Football 5:00 PM
5th-6th Grade Football Skills 6:00 PM

Wednesdays starting April 6th & running for 5 weeks
7-8th Grade Offensive & Defensive Skills  7 PM
9-12th Grade Offensive & Defensive Skills **8:00 PM

Thursdays starting April 6th & running for 5 weeks
8-12th Grade Big Man Clinic  8 PM
7-12th Grade Place Kicking & Punting **8:00 PM

FLAG FOOTBALL: Grades 1-4 The Sono Flag football program will introduce the participants to basic football skills including throwing and catching a ball, how to take a handoff and a pitch, 2 point stances, 3 point stances as well as basic agility skills required for football.

FOOTBALL SKILLS CLINIC: Grades 5 -6 Our football skills clinic will work on all the basic football skills used at the high school level. Participants will work on 2 and 3-point stances, throwing and catching skills as well as teaching passing route disciplines that are taught at the high school. Athletes will also be introduced to basic blocking and tackling skills (the program requires no football equipment, is non-contact and will use blocking dummies for this set of skills).

BIG MAN CLINIC: Grades 8-12 Our popular big man clinic is a non-contact clinic to teach the skills and drills necessary to play offensive and defensive line at the high school level. Participants are grouped by age and ability and are instructed in stance, take-off and agility. Offensive line skills include run blocking techniques; pass blocking techniques including many drills used by the NFL teams during their off-season. Defensive line skills will include maintaining leverage, taking on a double team and trap blocks as well as pass rush techniques.

Including :QB/RUNNING BACK/RECEIVER as well as LINEBACKER/CORNER/SAFETY techniques. This non-contact skills clinic is a great opportunity for athletes to work on both the offensive skill sets needed to play and excel in high school as well as defense. Skills and drills will include agility, stance and footwork, pattern discipline & running back drills. On defense athletes will be taught agility, stance and footwork as well as run and pass defense techniques. Each clinic contains several competitive, fun competitions that enhance power and speed concepts.

PLACE KICKING & PUNTING SPECIALTY CLINIC: Grades 7-12 Former 4-year starter at UCONN, place kicker Matt Nuzie will run a kicking clinic here at Sono Field house. Matt will concentrate on the footwork, technique and concentration required to be a placekicker and a punter at the high school and college level.
7 Week Session $175
5 Week Session $125

** 7:00 & 8:00 PM evening clinics will not start until week of April 4th and run

If you have questions, please contact:
Rob Trifone